Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy 1 Year!

I can hardly believe it, but Friday Al and I celebrated our 1st anniversary! This is just crazy to me, partly because sometimes I still can't believe/forget that I'm married, let alone that I've been married for a year. But it's been an awesome year so it just flew by!

I told Al as our anniversary was coming up "don't mess up." And he did a great job! In the morning I got up early and made him breakfast before he went to work, and we gave each other just some little gift things: We decided we were not doing anything HUGE because we are getting iphones next week, so Al used his connections at Zagg to get us Zagg skins for our phones: so now we will have a wedding picture keeping our phones scratch-free! So cute. I never know what to get guys so I just gave him a whole bunch of heart felt.

When I got to work I found these babies waiting for me

Also with the flowers was a cute card written by Al, telling me that we were getting off work at 2, we were going to dinner, and then checking into the Marriott hotel.
We were going to go somewhere new/fancy for dinner, but then we just decided to go to Red Robin where we go pretty much ever-other week. That Bonzai burger was delicious as ever! And of course afterwords we spent a romantic evening at the Marriott watching March madness.

The next day we just spend a day at home wearing sweats, as can be seen in this picture, watching yet more basketball:
Man we look ragged. We also had a piece of our wedding cake top, which was surprisingly good considering it was a year old.

And that was our celebration! Now we are back to school to finish up our basically no more life for the next few months.