Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yeah, We're Still Here

That's right, we are alive. Sure, we have become pretty much anti-social hermits, but summer school, work everyday, and scouts (that one is just Al), will do that for you. But somehow in between papers and projects, we were able to squeeze in some more interesting activities. So, in celebration of me procrastinating my homework right now, I will tell you about them. You are welcome America. 

To kick off our week long summer vacation we decided to try to make the floating lanterns from the movie "Tangled" with our friends Nate and Kenzie, and Jeff and Lindsey. Most of them failed miserably, but Jeff and Linds constructed some monster lantern out of not one, but four garbage bags. That one just floated right up!

Sorry those pictures are so awful, it was probably way more cool in person. Actually, right after this lantern took off it almost burned down a nearby tree. Luckily Al's cat-like reflexes snatched it before it could light. Good job Al. We then ran away to In-N-Out Burger before someone called the cops. 

We went on various hikes, and short over-night trips to crystal hot springs. Oh, and to add to our collection Al insisted I get a backpacking sleeping bag; so we decided to sleep in our new (not so new for Al) sleeping bags in our living room. This lasted about two hours before we both woke up in a pile of our own sweat and gave up and moved to our (much less hot) bed. 

In the beginning of June we finally got a niece to sort of balance out the boys, uhh sorry I can't figure out how to rotate it on this whole blog thing....

Then pretty much we did nothing until the 4th of July when we hiked and went to a rodeo. Yay, we love rodeos! Oh, and as you may notice from the following pictures, Al has been growing out a mean beard. Not sure how I feel about it, all I know is if it gets long enough that I can significantly mar it with scissors in his sleep, count on that happening. 

Check that Mountain Man

Crazy Kids

Well, that's all I've got for now! The semester is over in three weeks, so hopefully it won't be too long before I am back on here....