Saturday, November 26, 2011

Al at home.

Basically my husband, Ali, is the best. He made me breakfast this morning, vacuumed yesterday, took me shopping at Macys at midnight for black friday, but most of all he just makes me laugh.

This is Al and his favorite blanket: a big pink fluffy one:

This is Al the other day when he went to take out the garbage, he looked so cuddly in his gray sweats, I decided to call him Cloudy, the gray care bear.

Anyway, I just thought I would share that, hopefully Al won't be too upset I put him on here.

In other news, I made a pie for the first time ever this Thanksgiving, from scratch, crust and all!
And it turned out edible, so that's always a plus.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, since we are crazy busy and don't really see anyone much, I though I would post an update on the last couple months.

In August we went fishing with good old uncle Karim. We didn't catch anything, but the people right next to us caught about 8 fish in a row. They felt bad for us and came over to help, but it didn't work.

Later that week, Al wanted to go fishing again. We happened to be watching my nephews Luke and Jake, so Al and his bro Abraham took them up to Silver Lake while I went to a bridal shower.
They still didn't catch anything. But as I was leaving my bridal shower Al called me to tell me that this little stink locked him and Abraham in his bedroom while they were trying to put him to bed. I came over to find them playing darts in 5-year-old Luke's room while he sat in his bed and laughed at them. (I don't know why he is making such a weird face in this picture.)

We've gone to a few U games (Go Utes!)

Al got himself a new sleeping bag. He was so excited about it I would come home from work everyday to find him lying in it while watching TV.

We hiked the pipeline. A couple times.

We carved pumpkins with Ali's mom Debra. They both carved cool designs. I just carved the same pumpkin face I carve every year. Then we took them to a neighborhood party, and mine won the carving contest, they gave me a sweet trophy! It even had a weird eye cause I messed up on it.

For the huntin season, we went up to some property Al's family owns on the mountain behind Grantsville. It was  an adventure, we went 4-wheeling (but nobody was around to take picture of both of us on it.)

We went on a walk with Al's dad and found a sweet tractor thing. (Gotta love the hunting-season orange)

There is a perfect gully on the mountain for paintball wars, and everyone can watch from above. I got to paintball for the first time, it was so fun! I got hit on my left ring-finger knuckle, and it was so swollen I couldn't get my ring off for a week, but it was worth it! Plus it turned a cool color of blue.

And of course, no camping trip would be complete without a big fire, so we burned an entire trailer that got vandalized. Bet you're jealous!

Then Halloween happened. We didn't really do anything, but we did get to dress up to go to a dance for the youth in our stake, cause Al is in the scouts. We are so cool.

We've done more stuff too, but we failed at taking pictures and I'm too lazy to remember what they were. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

How cool people spend their weekend:

To sum up our weekend:

Al has been sick all week so:
We spent Thursday night watching a marathon of criminal minds that was on because we didn't feel like doing anything. Seriously, 4 hours straight. It was great.

Friday we were still feeling lazy. Al's bro who works up on a mountain with troubled youth was home for his week off, so we decided we would go mooch food from his parents, and call it a visit. Al was feeling much better that night, so like the party animals we are we went and saw puss and boots with his parents and my mom. It was pretty good, if you like cats.

Saturday happened to be 1 year since we got engaged! Crazy! We had a little bit of energy so we went crazy and spent the morning shopping. Can I just say I am pretty excited for Christmas already? I happened to find a drawer full of Target gift cards we forgot about from our wedding, score! So we headed to Target and got Christmas tree ornaments and new workout clothes hoping they would motivate us to exercise more.

Happy Engagement!

Basically we spent the rest of the day wearing our new workout clothes, because they were comfy, and watching football. After the U game (go Utes!) we figured we should do something to celebrate getting engaged so we went to barbacoa in our new work out clothes, so we would look like one of those cool, athletic couples.

I would like to note that Ali was still sick at the point, and I felt like I was getting it. So, to prevent this from happening, I spend the entire day drinking OJ and airborne, while eating those vitamin C cough drops.

Fun Fact, too much vitamin C = laxitive.

Too much vitamin C + Barbacoa = not pretty. In case you wanted to know.

Sunday I officially got the disease, and we sat around. All day. That was it.

And you know what? It was such a great weekend! (besides the whole sickness thing). I bet you are jealous.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They're Everywhere...Except When You Need One

You all know what I’m talking about. They are in the same category as pens, paperclips, and rubber bands.

I feel bad for Al, he grew up in an all-boy family, so he doesn’t even know what they are, let alone why he keeps finding them all over the house.

It doesn’t help that I am trying to grow out my bangs, so they are constantly in and out of my hair.

But then, when I find myself in need of one, suddenly they are nowhere to be found. Sometimes I can search forever trying to find one, and do you think I ever find one? Nope.

At least, not until I finally borrow one from somebody, then I look in my desk drawer at work, and there it is!

Sometimes I think whatever is stealing my socks out of the dryer likes to hide bobby pins when I need them too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

An Ode to the Bathroom Dweller

I have always had issues with public toilets.

And by issues I mean, I think they are gross, and I don't like the smell of the soap they usually have: once I use it I feel like I'm smelling it all day.

Unfortunately when I am away from my home for over twelve hours a day I am forced to use the school bathrooms sometimes.

There are a few bathrooms on campus I am okay with using. These usually are single-room handicapped ones (I get stage fright). But every once in a while my handicapped bathrooms are occupied and I am forced to face the public stalls. Ugh.

I encountered that very situation today: I had to go, so I headed up to one of my more preferred bathrooms in LNCO (the language and communications building at the U). This one has good smelling soap, so I don't mind it so much.

As I'm sitting there in my own little stall I hear it: a faint rustling a couple stalls over, even though I was sure the bathroom was empty when I came in. I immediately knew what it was: a creature I like to call the 'bathroom dweller.'

Whenever I use a public bathroom I notice this: there is always at least one stall occupied by some mouth-breathing someone (or something). You know who they are; these people (or things) never seems to leave no matter how long you stay, even though they were probably there waaaay before you got there.

Am I the only one who notices this?

I never hear any tinkling, or toilet-paper-rustling come from these stalls, just the occasional shuffling and some form of mouth breathing.

Therefore, I have decided to call this person/thing the "bathroom dweller."

Sometimes I wonder if it is just some poor person, and whether I should ask them if they are okay, but my fear/disgust wont let me.

This is the amount of grime I tend to picture in my mind when I enter a public toilet.
I know, I know, I'm a terrible person.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nobody Warned Me About This...

So here’s the deal.
When you get married, all of the sudden this hideous desire to have a baby starts growing inside of you.

Note: This is not an announcement, we are not prego, nor do we plan to be for the next couple years.

It starts out small; you start noticing how cute other people’s kids are, all of the sudden you want to start buying baby clothes because they are just so dang adorable…it’s awful.

The weird thing is I don’t actually like kids that much. They are always sticky, and loud, and running around... not to mention the slime leaking out of their noses and mouths.

But wouldn’t it just be so so cute to have a little Al running around?

I know, right? It’s like I’m a whole new person now.

On the other hand, I really like the idea of being able to do whatever we want whenever we want without having to figure out where to put a baby.

So for now I s'pose we will just concentrate our efforts on finishing school and such. Maybe someday when we have two new cars and some jet skis there will be an actual announcement.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Socks, Donuts, Typical.

So let me describe my day.

So far I have:

Walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to my husband as he’s leaving for work, and watched him sit down to put on his socks, before realizing that he was already wearing socks. (He then said to me, don’t put this on your blog! Sorry honey)

Scraped hardened grease off soup I made last night and then put in the fridge. Woops, guess I should have strained the meat a little bit more.

Learned from Dr. Oz what to do if you fall asleep and wake up in a different state.
(Stop taking so many sleeping pills.)

Left the house in just a sweatshirt because it ‘looks’ warm outside. Turns out I needed a full on winter coat.

Watched my boss walk in with a box of donuts and yelled “OOO LOOK AT THAT!” She sort of just looked at me like I was crazy.

Annnnd it’s only 2:00.  OH, and I added two rubber bands to my rubber band ball. I know, right? Happy Wednesday!