Sunday, October 6, 2013


Al and I were able to go on a cruise to the Bahamas this last month.  We have been saying we need to go on a vacation to celebrate finishing school for the last year and a half pretty much, but we never really got around to planning anything. So finally we just booked a cruise which happened to be the perfect time to go as it will be harder once we have a kid, and I barely made the cruise deadline before I was too far along to be allowed. Even though this trip was meant to celebrate graduating, it pretty much became our "babymoon" you could say.

Now, it would take me super long to write about everything that happened, so I'm just going to post a few pictures to commemorate the event. Plus I've always thought reading about other people's vacations  is boring anyway.

 Leaving Miami..and looking large

Formal Night 

We loooved kayaking and playing with prickly sea things in the clear water

There's the belly 

 24 weeks! And here you can see my blotchy face: for some reason the humidity or salt or something made my face chap horribly. I betcha wanted to know that.

 I just couldn't get over this towel animal. I still think it's adorable

 Blue water of Nassau 

And here we have a blurry picture of Al on the Red Coach bus we randomly had to take to Tampa from Miami in order to get home. Long story short we flew standby and all the flights from Miami were full for days sooooo...we got off the ship pretty much having no idea how we were going to get home. Lucky we found this bus (which btw had SUPER comfy seats and wifi, who knew?), and made our way to Tampa where we were again lucky to find there is a Marriott in the airport there. So we stayed the night and got on a flight early the next morning.

So that was our adventure! The End.

Prego Problems

         So, I actually wrote this a month or so ago, but never posted it. I was too lazy too add anything to is so I just decided to post it as is, random and all.

          I realize I have been horrible at documenting this pregnancy. Basically I’ve already forgotten what the first 12 weeks were even like, so I should maybe be a bit better. But right now I have no cute or fancy ideas on how to document what has happened so far sooo…I guess I’ll just write what’s on my mind right now which is the fact that apparently being prego makes me supppper clumsy. Like, not even my usual slightly uncoordinated self, like, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t repeat some of the things I’ve done if I’d tried. So here are a few for your reading pleasure:

         I drop things. Like, all the time. It’s almost like I just forget to close my hand around things when I grab them. A few nights ago I was making spaghetti. I thought I would take the easy way out and just use some Ragu sauce rather than actually cooking. So I got the glass jar out of my cupboard, and, can you guess what happened? Bam! Apparently I forgot to actually wrap my fingers around the jar and of course glass and bright red spaghetti sauce went EVERYWHERE on my tile floor. Needless to say it took a while to clean up. Once I was done I was still in a pretty good mood so I figured it was a sign I should probably not eat fake spaghetti sauce anyway, and I proceeded to make my own spaghetti sauce. It took another while, but once I was done I thought it turned out pretty good! I even put zucchini in it. (Actually, I put zucchini in everything nowadays because we literally have zucchini piled on all surfaces of our kitchen.) Anyway. I was all proud and dished up the extremely delicious smelling spaghetti and was about to put it on the table when….Bam! I didn’t get a good enough grip on the first plate and all the food slid off of it onto my counter, so I quickly turned to save it and…Splat! All the spaghetti on the other plate I was holding slid off and splattered all over my floor…that I just cleaned… Yeah. I was done at that point. And you know what? I thought to myself, this food is hot, and I just thoroughly cleaned the floor. So yes, yes I did just scoop it up and eat it. Judge all you want but I was NOT going to cook anything else that night.

         I no longer have a sense of where my belly is. That might sound weird. But my belly seems to have popped out almost overnight. So I will be washing the dishes and then realize that my entire shirt is soaked because I’ve been letting my stomach rest on the edge of the sink. Not only that, but the other morning I was cooking French toast, and silly me, forgetting I have this massive swell coming out of my abdomen, stood too close to the pan without even realizing it until I felt a sharp pain and figured out that I had just burned my belly on a frying pan.

         I stubbed my toe on myself yesterday. I didn’t know this was a thing, but it happened. Somehow as I was walking, I managed to stub my left toe on my right heel. I hurt a little, but I just carried right on and forgot about it. Until I looked down 10 minutes later and realized that I had blood seeping down my heel. Maybe it’s time to give the toenails a good trim?