Friday, October 24, 2014

9 Months

I can hardly believe that 3/4 of a year have gone by and my baby is 9 months already!

Lyla's nine month stats:
16.2 lbs - 12th percentile
29.25 in - 94th percentile
Head size - 27th percentile

Needless to say she is a long skinny little thing. She is pretty difficult to hold against my hip; she just slides right through my arm. When I hold other babies her age that are a little more solid, they are much easier to keep in place…if that even makes sense?

She FINALLY learned to crawl just a couple days before her nine month mark. I was pretty sure she was going to just skip straight to walking because she is so determined to stand up by herself. I guess she decided she should start crawling to get around in the meantime. She still prefers to have someone help her walk around the house, though, and is constantly pulling herself up into a standing position.

Lyla is LOUD. Thankfully it is usually a happy loud. She is constantly screeching and babbling and gets extremely excited when she sees other kids or my mom's cat. If we are in a store I will have to tell her to use her inside voice because she will let out an earsplitting, ridiculously high-pitched screech whenever she sees other kids, and then she will start to laugh as she sees them running around. She LOVES being around action, and is very social with other kids.

She never turns down food, and will try to eat anything she can find. She may or may not have eaten grass on several different occasions.

 We love her! (and it's very difficult to get a non-blurry picture of her)

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