Tuesday, November 18, 2014

White Rock

Al's fam has some property on the mountain behind Grantsville that they call White Rock. Every year they go up there for the dear hunt (although I'm not entirely sure if any of them actually hunt), and just hang out, eat food, ride the four wheelers, and paintball. They have a perfect little gully where people can watch from above as they go down in pairs and shoot at eat other. They also like to bring their guitars and sing around the campfire at night.

It's a pretty fun event, unfortunately I left my phone in the car, so the only pictures I have are ones people sent me of Lyla.

Lyla with uncle Adam and cousin Degen. She looooves her uncles.

This cute little thing is Karter, he's one of the cousins. He is about 3 weeks older, but somehow Lyla must be super intimidating because they will sit there and "talk" to each other for a few minutes, and then Karter will often start crying, and then Lyla will cry. I guess they have a complicated relationship. Anyway, they were hangin in this play pen together, and Karter had a bottle, so Lyla decided to tackle him and wrestle it away. She is definitely an intense baby.

 Lyla LOVES her backpack.

There were some pretty brutal paintball wars that drew blood on more than one person, and some delicious cream of broccoli soup.

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