Friday, September 26, 2014

The Poop Chair

Back in the day there were some pretty cool baby things that unfortunately were decided to be "too dangerous" to sell anymore. Luckily for me, my mom decided to save one of those awesome baby walkers that are no longer made or sold because babies apparently kept going down stairs in them (don't worry I, make sure she is always far from stairs).

We have lovingly called this the "poop chair" because before Lyla was big enough to walk in it, we would just put her in there and let her play and, well, let's just say it was an instant fix whenever she was a little backed up.

Now that she figured out what it's actually for, she uses it to get into all kinds of mischief, which makes me very concerned for when she actually can walk. She can spend long amounts of time running from one side of the kitchen to the other, running into stuff, opening cupboards, making messes…it's pretty much her favorite thing ever. And for some reason she has an obsession with the dishwasher, all I have to do is open it, and she will come running. Every. Time.

Gotta love recalled toys.

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